Santa Fancy Dress

Santa Fancy Dress Costumes

Santa Fancy Dress Costumes

Santa Fancy DressSanta fancy dress costumes can be worn at any time of the year, but by far the best time to wear it is the time when Santa is expected to come out of hiding and deliver some Christmas cheer – December.

Make your Santa outfit selection now from the Santa Fancy Dress Costumes below:

What type of Santa costume should you wear? It depends really on how much money you have or wish to spend on one, as there is a costume to suit quite a range of budgets. You can buy a cheap and cheerful Santa outfit for under £20. However be sure that if you are spending a small amount of money, you will not be using this costume more than once.

Furthermore, the material in some cheap throwaway costumes tends to easy come off and may stick to the clothing that you wear underneath the outfit.

So to get a decent Santa suit, you will want to be looking to spend at least £20. Above this level it is mainly an issue of quality of the suit. The cheaper ones again will tend to use cheaper materials and may only be good for several wears, while the more expensive ones will use more quality velour and plush materials and may be washable by hand, machine or by dry cleaning.

The other factor that affects the price of a Santa Costume is the level of detail on the suit. A cheap Father Christmas fancy dress costume may consist only of a robe and Santa hat. Whereas the things start getting more elaborate as you spend more on the costume. For example, we all know that real Santa Claus Fancy Dress involves trousers, jacket and hat as part of the ensemble, with the trademark white frills around the edges.

And there is also usually a waistbelt with a big buckle to keep Santa’s belly firmly in check. These are all part of the £20+ suits. Well all of that apart from the belly of course, although if you do need that extra padding, you can buy a santa belly stuffer to get that traditional plump santa look.

Santa Fancy Dress Costume Accessories

In addition to your costume you then need to think about santa fancy dress costume accessories. The Santa belly stuffer has just been mentioned. If you do not have a natural beer belly to give you the Santa fuller figure look, then you can buy a Santa belly stuffer to give you that effect. You will want to get a pair of black boots, possibly with furry frills to complete the lower half of the suit.

For the upper half of the suit, you will of course want a white fluffy beard and moustache – unless you have these naturally anyway and would like to sport your own mane. Optionally, you may like to buy a pair of santa fancy dress spectacles – or use your own if you are a wearer of specs. If the Santa hat was not part of the costume, then you will want one of these too.

You might also like a Santa bell to ring to let everybody know Santa has arrived in town. And let us not forget the thing most of us love Santa for – presents. Now whether you want to buy real presents and gift wrap them is up to you, but you certainly can at least pretend to have some by having a Santa’s sack to carry the goodies in.

So, “Ho ho ho” Christmas is coming to town and so is Father Christmas. Get your Santa fancy dress outfit and deliver that Christmas cheer!