Santa Fancy Dress Costume Accessories

santa fancy dress costume accessoriesSo, whether you have purchased your Santa Fancy Dress Costume yet or not, here are some Santa Fancy Dress Costume Accessories that you may need to complete the look.

First, are you a naturally big man? If you do not have a large belly, then you will need to get a Santa belly stuffer / padding to create the look of Santa. We all know Santa is a large man, and that is why the belly stuffer is a perfect costume accessory.

Second, check whether your costume comes with a decent waist belt or not. We all know Santa bears a big black belt to keep that belly in check, so if your costume does not come with one, then you should buy one.

Shoes most likely will not come with the costume. Fortunately, you do not need to be too fussed about footwear as they are not the main thing people will be looking at. However you should be wearing black footwear, and especially to complete the look the footwear should be black boots. You may optionally get some white frills with them to maintain uniformity with the frilly edges design of the outfit.

For the upper half of the suit, you will of course want a white fluffy beard and moustache set if they do not come as part of the outfit and if you do not naturally sport these anyway.

You may also like to buy a pair of spectacles – or use your own if you are a wearer of specs.

If the Santa hat was not part of the costume, then you will want one of these too.

You might also like a Santa bell to ring to let everybody know Santa has arrived in town. And let us not forget the thing most of us love Santa for – presents.

And finally, whether you want to buy real presents and gift wrap them is up to you, but you certainly can at least pretend to have some by having a Santa’s sack to carry the goodies in even if it is just empty cereal boxes.

Happy shopping for your Santa Fancy Dress Costume Accessories

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